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Kubisa contractors can help improve your home in both aspects of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your property looks amazing throughout and everything works perfectly for your convenience and comfort. Homes can always be improved, it can be the small details just as well as the major components. Lets work together and bring your properties standard to a higher level with our experience and perfectionism.



Kubisa offers a wide range of services, from replacing your light swicthes to renovating your entire bathroom, we want to make your vision of any space in your property come to life, as well as help you improve your house in ways you might not have thought of. Our goal at Kubisa is to build long term relationships with our clients built on trust and honesty, since being genuine and fair is the core of our company. 
The craftsmanship of our professionals will always impress our clients and leave any visitors in awe, that is our promise.


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Kubisa is a family business based in London that was started by Stanislaw Kubisa (Stan) back in 2004.

Stan started as a roofer in in Poland during his teen days, he worked for one of the biggest suppliers of roof tyles at the time, later on he moved  on to work with building contracters around Poland, until he finally made it to London where he still worked for other contractors for a few years until he was finally ready to give it a shot himself and so he started SK Building services, which was a success.

Stans son Przemyslaw Kubisa started learning the trades at a very young age, his natural curiosity always pulled him towards the tools in the shed. Przemyslaw would always help his father around the house and would even work on site since his early teens, it became the norm to work with his father as he knew his future is in this industry. 

SK Building services has evolved into Kubisa - Home improvement - as of recently and will continue to expand, grow, and improve properties with pride.



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